Atlantic Youth Bowling has partnered with Unbowlievable Lanes to bring you, your very own AYB Merchandise.

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Effective Immediately

Masks must be worn at all times.

Even when on the lanes bowling.

Every person at UnBOWLievable Lanes must wear a mask -we are sorry, but no exceptions or exemptions at this time!You must now stay in your “bubble lanes” while here. There cannot be any visiting to any other lanes until further notice.Food and drink must be consumed while seated. Masks may be taken off to eat or drink and then put back on immediately.All other Covid rules still apply.

We hate to put these rules into effect, but we are looking out for the safety of our family and our customers (who are like family to us)

Current Business Hours:

Sunday: 12:30pm-6pm

Monday: 12pm-4pm


Tuesday: 9am-2pm


Wednesday: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Thursday: 12:30pm-3pm


Friday: 5pm-8pm

Saturday: 12pm-7pm